Sunday, March 9, 2014

Suppressing the Inner Child

You know what I'm talking about. --
That hold-your-breath feeling of trying not to laugh at someone tripping in public.
That way we deny our hands from playing with our co-workers freshly curled, bouncy hair.
The genius bathroom pranks we don't let the world see, because 'we're at work', or in some undistinguished professional setting.

You don't know it? This feeling?

Well, what about the suppression of instant excitement when anything wondrous in our daily life happens? 

The simple things...
That stray dog just peed on the wall in a motion that reveals the word 'buns' - WOW!
Sue just said 'catastrophic events' at the same time that I was typing it. - Whoaaa that's crazy!
I found a single flower alive in the garden, in the dead of winter - COOL!
We're ordering Mexican for lunch!
Anything, really. Do you feel the restraint in you? No matter how subtle.

I feel it for sure, and sometimes if I'm around close friends or family I can release the burst. But if not, I'm a dormant volcano.
Anyway, that's part of growing up, being a sane member of society. I see its logic, and I wouldn't suggest flipping out with pure joy when someone arrives with your lunch. But, the question is why, or why not? 
Why not hug the messenger? Why not stroke your office mate's hair? Why not do a cartwheel in the hallway, if you're feeling it? I don't mean those instances of displaying this behavior when your particularly elated. I mean on a day to day basis, from the mind state of curiosity, or even boredom, when we feel our inner child spinning in circles under our skin, why do we not act on it more often? 

I think it could be a fun experiment. 

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